Criminal Defense
There are hundreds of crimes defined under the laws of Minnesota State. Information is presented here as a brief primer on procedure and the most common charges to allow clients to begin thinking about a case and issues in legal terms. This information is not meant to teach every detail of criminal law and procedure. Indeed, this is why an attorney dedicated to assisting you with charges your facing is so valuable. For answers to many frequently asked questions, check out our FAQ page.

Pleading guilty can cost a lot more than hiring an Attorney: There can be many long term consequences to pleading guilty to any criminal charges.

  • By pleading guilty you could put your employment in jeopardy, some employers have clauses in their conditions of employment that state that you must not be convicted of a DWI/DUI offense.
  • You may have to divulge the conviction to potential employers for the rest of your life.You may face
  • increased insurance rates, and even lose your vehicle.
  • The consequences can become more dire each time your charged.

If you want to know what consequences you may face in your future, it’s important to call Ascheman Law now. Meet with an Ascheman Law attorney for a free initial consultation to discuss your case and see what we can do for you. 612-217-0077 or

Time is of the essence, consult an Attorney soon: The sooner you contact Ascheman Law, the sooner we can examine your case, gather the evidence, examine the facts, and prepare your defense for the criminal charges your facing.