Last week Hennepin County deputies were focused on cracking down on people with warrants.  With the help of several local officers from numerous cities in the area, as well as FBI agents, the officers cleared about 175 warrants.

Having a warrant is a dangerous life to lead.  You never know when the law is going to catch up to you.  You could be pulled over for speeding, or having a tail light out, and find yourself back in jail with little chance of making bail.

Often the warrants will arise over failure to appear at court.  Sometimes people don’t even know that they are required to appear because they never get the paperwork.  Other times the person hasn’t been charged yet, and the officers are trying to person up for the first time.  And in other cases, the person has a warrant because they failed to keep in contact with probation.

No matter what the reason for having a warrant, the best course of action is to talk to an attorney and have them contact the State to try and get things cleared up and back on the right track.  Waiting until your caught only increases the trouble you will be facing.

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