In honor of the Bar Results for Minnesota this month we thought we would do something nice for those young attorneys looking at starting out on their own, just like we did.  So, what better way to help them out (besides underwriting the massive investment needed) than to upload some [redacted] memo’s.

Here is the first of the series: Suppression Motion.pdf

This memorandum submitted to the Court addresses some of the unconstitutional actions made by police officers.  Now, while I believe that the vast majority of officers are good people, trying to do a difficult job – I also believe that sometimes they simply go to far to try and “catch the bad guy.”  Unfortunately, this was one of those situations.  Our client was charged with First Degree Test Refusal and First Degree DUI.  The problem?  The officers didn’t see him driving (nobody did).  He wasn’t the owner of the vehicle (he was the same race and gender).  He wasn’t even found at the same location as the vehicle.

Please remember that the interpretation and analysis presented here is not intended to be legal advice.  If you are seeking legal advice please contact us for a free consultation and actual examination the issues that your case may present.

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