In honor of last weeks Bar Results for Minnesota we thought we would do something nice for those young attorneys looking at starting out on their own, just like we did.  So, what better way to help them out (besides underwriting the massive investment needed) than to upload some [redacted] memo’s.

Here is the first of the series: Expungement memo.pdf

This memorandum submitted to the Court calls into question the absurd results that occur when the Court chooses to expunge the Judicial records, but leaves the Executive records open and accessible to the public.  I understand the Executive branch’s desire to hang on to these files (I’m an information hoarder myself).  But to allow the public to continue to access these records essentially laughs in the face of the Judicial system.

Please remember that the interpretation and analysis presented here is not intended to be legal advice.  If you are seeking legal advice please contact us for a free consultation and actual examination the issues that your case may present.

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