The following is a message from Sarah Erlinder regarding Prof. Peter Erlinder (Facebook Group requesting his release)

Dear friends,
First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for your action, your support and your fighting spirit.
Tomorrow US government offices will re-open and we need your help calling… EVERYONE! The US and Rwanda need to know many, many people are paying attention and our pressure will not decrease- it will only grow! Below is a list of numbers to call and a sample script, of course feel free edit or use as a jumping off point.
Thank you again and please call, call, call!!


My name is ____________, I am calling/writing about the arrest of Prof. Peter Erlinder in Rwanda last Friday morning. He was in Rwanda acting as an attorney, representing his client, opposition presidential candidate Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza.

I am asking to ask you to demand his immediate release from Rwandan jail. His detention violates his human rights, he is in danger and as an U.S. citizen deserves the highest level of advocacy and protection from the U.S. government.

Please call for his immediate release. Thank you.


Call the White House:202-456-1414

Call Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Secy of State Hillary Clinton
(202) 647-9572
… See More… See More
State Dept: Fax 202 647 0244

State Department Main Switchboard 202-647-4000 TTY:1-800-877-8339 (Federal Relay Service)


Bureau of African affairs 202-647-4440
Main fax number for bureau of African affairs: Fax: 202-647-6301
Johnnie Carson,Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs
Phone: 202-647-2530 Fax: 202-647-0838

Rwanda embassy (NY): Telephone: +1 212 679 9010 or 1 212 679 9023 Fax: +1 212 679 9133

Stephen J. Rapp war crimes ambassador Phone: 202-647-6051 Fax: 202-736-4495

Susan Rice, US AMB to the UN Accredited Journalists: 212-415-4050 Opinion & Comment line: 212-415-4062 Fax: 212-415-4053

Rwanda Mission to the UN in USA: phone: +1 212 679 9010 or 1 212 679 9023 Fax: +1 212 679 9133

Rwandan Amb. James Kimonyo 1714 New Hampshire NW Washington, DC 20009 Tel: 202-232-2882 Fax: 202-232-4544

Thank you,
Landon J. Ascheman, Esq.
(B) 612.217.0077 (C) 651.280.9533 (F) 651.344.0700
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P.S. Have an attorney in your phone? Add us now 612-217-0077 – While we hope you never need us, we’re here if you do.