Here is an interesting video from Flex Your Rights.

 Here is a short summary of the rules:

1. Always be calm and cool. – This can be a difficult rule to follow, especially because nobody I know is comfortable when getting pulled over by the police.

2. You have the right to remain silent. – Use This Right.  You can waive this Right just as easy as opening your mouth.  You may think what you have to say won’t get you in trouble, or may convince the officer to let you go.  In 99.99% of cases it wont.  You are not part of the 00.01%

3. You have the right to refuse searches. – “Repeat after me, ‘I don’t consent to searches.’ “

4. Don’t get tricked into waiving your rights. – This one can be tricky, the best way to ensure your rights are protected: “I want to call my lawyer” – then call us. (612-217-0077)

5. Determine if you’re free to go. – If you’re free to go, leave.  When you leave, call you’re attorney (612-217-0077)

6. Don’t do anything illegal.- Generally by the time your in this position it’s already to late, but it’s a rule to live by.

7. Don’t run. – An officer may not have any right to stop you – until you run, then they can use that to justify a stop and maybe even a search and arrest.

8. Never touch a cop. – Never is a very strong word.  This is a good place to use it.  If your being manhandled by an officer, or arrested without cause, the best thing to do is to fight back AFTER everything is over.  Fight back with a good attorney and the justice system.

9. Report misconduct: Be a good witness. – See #8 when everything is said and done, it is important for the small percentage of bad officers to be called to account for their actions.  Do this AFTER everything is over.

10. You don’t have to let them in. – “Repeat after me, ‘I don’t consent to searches.’ ” That also means when the officer comes to your door and asks to come inside, say “No.” I don’t care if it’s hailing outside, they can get back in their car and be safe.  They have a bathroom at the police department if they need the bathroom.  If they want a glass of water, you can bring it to the door.  

Minnesota Nice causes many people to waive their Rights, don’t fall for it.

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