We have all seen the theory that driving while talking on the phone causes numerous accidents because the people on the phone are distracted drivers.  But what if that’s not true.  What if the phones don’t actually increase accidents to the extent we believe.  Now I wouldn’t claim that there is no increase in distraction.  But changing the radio probably increases the level of distraction, as does adjusting the heat and A/C.  The problem comes when we start introducing laws to combat these “distractions.”  

Techdirt, and NYT discussed a new study that indicates that laws banning cellphone use while driving apparently haven’t reduced the number of crashes.  While it could simply be that the laws have not stopped people from talking on their cell phones, another possibility is that the use of cell phones doesn’t make the difference people believed it did.

However, now that the laws are in place, it will be next to impossible to get the law overturned.  If a law doesn’t work, if it doesn’t have a significant impact for the benefit of society, it shouldn’t be on the books.

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