Yesterday I had the chance to go to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater.The play (Another Night Before Christmas) was wonderful and the foodwas great – so was the conversation. The pertinent portion of theconversation was that a friend was being charged with a DWI. This ishow most referrals start out. We love referral clients because it meansthat someone believes we are good enough for their friends. We lovehelping friends of friends, our business is about 70% referrals.

The problem was he didn’t want to call us. He didn’t want to call usbecause he felt he couldn’t afford an attorney. Now I completelyunderstand. I’ve worked with a lot of people who were too rich for a“free attorney” (MN PD, LRC, NJC).But felt they couldn’t afford to actually pay an attorney. For those ofyou out there in the same situation I have two great news for you. 1)Prices are Down, 2) First Consultation is Free.

1) Prices are Down!
Most people believe that the cost that the attorney charges representsher ability or quality of service. This is simply not true. There areattorneys out there that will charge an arm & leg, but barely lifta finger for you. There are “free attorneys” that will fight for youlike a well trained guard dog. Price does not equal quality.

In today’s economic market, many attorneys are trying to start theirown firm, people have stopped going with the highest price they canafford and are looking for the best attorney they can get for areasonable price. The result is many attorneys lowering their price tostay in the market. This means you can get high quality service for alower price than you may expect.

2) First Consultation is Free! 
I don’t mean, if you pay cash we waive the first hour, or that you get10% money back, or that you’ve initiated a contract with us simply bymeeting us and you’re stuck with us. Your first consultation is free.There are several firms in the area that offer this wonderful option,including Ascheman & Smith. Go in, talk to an attorney, call them,what’s the harm? When you contact Ascheman & Smith, we will talk toyou over the phone about your concerns. We’ll make the effort to set upa time to meet face to face, on your schedule. This gives you a chanceto meet us and see what we do. Above all it gives you the chance to asksome initial questions about your case and what’s going to happen. Theonly thing at risk is a few minutes of your time.

If you have questions, call us. If you don’t know if you can afford us,call us. If you don’t know who to turn to, call us. It costs younothing, but could save you a lot of trouble, and put your mind at ease.

Thank you,
Landon J. Ascheman, Esq.
(B) 612.217.0077 (C) 651.280.9533 (F) 651.344.0700