DWI Laws in Minnesota and across the nation can sometimes get a little out of hand.  
Sometimes you look at the news reports and think to yourself, “that was crazy and dangerous.”  In2007, a New Jersey Judge ruled the Zamboni driver can not be prosecutedfor DUI / Drunk Driving / DWI because the Zamboni can’t be used on thehighways nor carry passengers.  (AP)  Another man tried to get away with the same act in Portland, ME, in 2008, his luck was not so good.  (AP)  
But in other cases you start to wonder if the laws are being stretchedtoo far.  We all have a general understanding of the “intent” of DWIlaws, even if we question their actual application.  In Alabama, 2007,a young woman was arrested for a DWI when her vehicle had a mind of itsown, literally.  She was arrested while riding a horse.  (AP)  The same thing happened to a 42 year-old man in Kentucky, 2005.  (TheLouisvilleChannel.com)
InMinnesota, I feel that we are at least a little more reasonable aboutwhat constitutes a vehicle for the DWI statutes.  62 year-old DennisAnderson probably thought so as well.  That is until he managed tomodify his La-Z-Boy to include a stereo, cup holders, and a convertedlawnmower.  Eventually on his ride home, he hit a parked car and wasarrested for driving while intoxicated.  Mr. Anderson received 180 daysstayed and two years of probation after pleading guilty.

Since then it appears that Mr. Anderson’s La-Z-Boy was seized after the arrest and sold through its eBay auction.  The city managed to receive a winning bid of $10,099.99.  More information can be found at Law.com