Welcome to Ascheman & Smith!  With our first blog entry it seems important that we let you know a little about us. 

We are fairly new to the world of independent small businesses.  Although, Landon had some experience as a contractor for the Red Cross, that was the extent of our experience.  But as we approached graduation and began looking around, we found a rather rough looking economy.  (You may have noticed it wasn’t looking so hot there for a while). 
Instead of sitting back and waiting for someone to offer us a job, we decided to venture out on our own.  Grant lived and breathed criminal defense while in law school, a more dedicated defense attorney you’d be hard pressed to find.  Landon worked with prosecutors in various cities and counties, where better to under the mind of the prosecutor than with one who worked with them.  Between the two, we knew we could get the firm up and running and help those around us.  Now we just had to face the challenge of getting a small business up and running.
We managed to find a nice office location, thanks to the Neighborhood Justice Center, and we are off and running…

Future blogs will include some information about each of the attorneys at Ascheman & Smith, LLC.  The intent of this blog is to pass along important and interesting information about us, and more importantly the law.

 -Landon Ascheman